Wedding checklist pro: at least 12 months before the wedding

Are you planning a wedding and feel overwhelmed? As wedding planners, we know that it is difficult to plan a wedding without the help of an expert. Even if you have help of friends and family, you can still end up frustrated and dissatisfied.

If you want to plan your wedding like a professional, you must have (and stick to) a wedding checklist from the moment you got engaged. After decision on having a wedding was made, make sure you do these things first:


Plan a meeting with both of your parents to talk about the wedding.


You need to choose the date and several backup dates.


Decide if you want a big party or an intimate reception.


This is the most important factor to determine in early stages of your wedding planning process – the amount of money for your wedding budget. Furthermore, you have to decide on distribution of costs; who will be participating in your wedding budget: just you or you’ll have financial help from your parents.


In case you wish to reserve your favorite venue or hire the most popular band or photographer, you must do it as soon as possible since the best ones tend to be booked months in advance.


Write down an initial guest list according to the reception size.

With these decisions being made, you covered most of the hard stuff and then you’ll be ready for the next step in your wedding planning process.


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