Wedding budget basics

We decided to write about wedding budget – probably the scariest topic related to wedding planning.

Being in the wedding industry, one of the most common questions we hear is „How much does a wedding cost?“ We get that from different people: couples, vendors, colleagues, friends, family members… It is impossible to give a universal answer to that question. Wedding budget greatly depends on how many guests will attend, but also on a couple`s taste. Each wedding is specific, every couple has their wishes and priorities, different expectations… Some people spend certain amount of money on 50 guests, while the other ones spend the same amount on 150 attendees.

In general, weddings can be defined through three categories: low budget, traditional and glamorous. By allocating amounts to each category item, you`ll be able to figure out if you`re going towards a high end wedding. Let`s be fair – even by browsing vendors’ websites you`re able to define in which budget category they belong based on the site and photo quality. If your heart is set on specific venue or vendor, ask for their quote in order to get a sense of their fees. Keep in mind that prices (and quality!) extend through wide ranges. To get a realistic budget, you`ll need to research prices for items in accordance with your expectations.

Also, great quality has a certain price. Don`t think you can get the same service for 50% off. Same as you won`t get a Audi for an Opel price. Another common mistake is to choose a destination wedding to save money. Yes, you might be inviting less people, but top quality has high price all over the world.

Let us give you some basic wedding budget guidelines to hold on during your planning process:


You can have an intimate gathering instead of big reception. Be patient until it will be the right time for you to have the wedding you`ve always dreamed of.


Always check if they`ll cost you extra money before confirming.


Don`t spend more in one category if you won`t cut costs in another. Also, budget for a couple of guests more than you planned. It`s better to over- than under-estimate.

This is what the wedding budget by categories looks like. Due to large varieties, we decided to show you percentages, not the exact amount of money.

Once you reach the rough estimate, you should decide on your priorities. Perhaps your top priority is a breathtaking venue close to the sea, while your groom wants to have a perfect gourmet dinner. Once again, it`s crucial to compromise and come to a mutual understanding.

Key moment to keep the wedding budget from collapsing is to stay organized. There are a lot of online interactive budget planners which are printable and easy to use. The plain old Excel worksheet will also do just fine.


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