Getting married on the beach – part 2

In the first part of Getting married on the beach post, we wrote about actual issues related to the subject  and we added some clothing-related suggestions. Since this is a broad topic, we have more practical information in store for you.

Apart from outfit adjustment, when getting married on the beach make sure you:


The best beach wedding locations don`t need much of additional styling. Keep the decor breezy and casual, in harmony with natural color palette. Use pastel shades of sand and sea with some vibrant accents. Coral, greens or turquoise will add a nice contrast to soothing shades of beach surroundings.

The same is valid for the reception decorations. Keep the centerpieces low and use some hurricane candles or led elements for your lighting.


While the gusts wait for the ceremony to start or during your photo shooting, let them enjoy some natural juices, lemonade or water.


The beaches do tend to get windy. Weight down your ceremony programs, tie fans to chairs and don`t set up flower petals until the last moment.


The sound of your voice while taking the vows might get lost against the sound of waves. You and your groom will need to speak up or, even better, rent a sound system for both you and the officiant to use. If you decide not to use a microphone, make sure all the participants involved in the program can speak loudly and clearly.


As we all know, there is no guarantee about weather conditions. Have a canopy ready or find an indoor area as a backup.

Places for getting married on the beach are numerous throughout the Croatia coast. In this post we are presenting the best beach wedding location in our opinion– nature park cape Kamenjak.

Let us know if you`d like to have a seaside wedding. We have prepared a beach wedding package for the couples who want to enjoy a perfect beach wedding, but also keep it on a budget.

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