7 things to do within 7 days after he proposes

Congrats, dear couple! And now take a deep breath and chill. You are in the best place now. Call your loved one, tell them the happy news and invite them for a drink to celebrate. After you have done that and everyone knows you said YES, it is time to take some action.

We have put together some important things you should do as soon as you get engaged.

1) Choose a date

Are you up to getting married abroad? Then you should maybe think about what the weather is like in your country of choice.

2) Decide on a budget

It is crucial to have a wedding budget. Be sure to have a vison on how much you want to spend, but be realistic because a lot of stuff comes in addition to your wishes. It is not just te food and the drinks, maybe you will want to have extra cutlery or special décor which could cost extra. Make a list of essentials and priorities.

3) Determine the number of guests

This one is as important as deciding on a budget. You can’t have a realistic budget if you don’t have an approximate guest number and it is essential for any further planning.

4) Search for a wedding planner

Don’t be silly and try to do everything yourself. Be wise and choose a wedding planner to help you plan your special day. If you have decided to have a destination wedding, then finding a wedding planner is the FIRST thing you should do! If you are about to get married in Croatia, then you can stop searching right now, because here we are ????

5) Choose a venue

You don’t have a clear vision of where to get married. Well, now that you have already chosen a wedding planner, let them help you find the perfect venue according to your wishes and budget. Be sure to find something that has a backup option!

6) Find some inspiration for choosing a wedding theme

Gather some inspiration on how you would like your wedding to look. Choose a nice wedding theme, which gives a clear vision of how your wedding should be styled, this will make it easier for the wedding designer to make nice scenery on your wedding day.

7) Make a wedding web page

The best thing you can do is to put all the important information on a web page, which you can update whenever you want and even put in a link for the RSVPs. It saves you time and nerves. When people start asking annoying questions just send them a link to our updates wedding web page ????

Did you like our tips? Need more tips on planning your wedding in beautiful Croatia? Don’t be shy, ask us anything related to this topic and beyond. We will be happy to plan a stunning wedding for you.

Shoot us an email on [email protected], send us a message via Facebook or Instagram or write us a letter, whatever suits you best.


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