Inviting dates on weddings… what should I do? Oh, I hear this question from most of my brides and, let me say, there is no universal answer. Your wedding is a personal celebration and you want your close people to attend. Moreover, if your budget is already stretched, a plus one might be taking place of a person who might be more important to you.

When it comes to inviting dates on weddings, as a general guidance I suggest:

a) All fiancés and spouses need to be invited, even if you haven`t met them.

You can break this rule if you`re inviting a larger group of your co-workers that can be part of the same company and share the table at your wedding reception.

b) Create your own rule and stick to it.

For example “plus one is ok if the couple lives together or have been dating for two years or more, but no casual dates.”

When deciding whether to allow your guests to bring a plus one try to think about their connections with other guests. If they don`t know anyone at the wedding, it might not be the perfect fun for them. Not all of us feel comfortable being single at the party, meeting new people, mingling and dancing alone.

Whatever you`ll decide, try to avoid making any exception as your decision making process will get even more overwhelming.

What’s your opinion on inviting dates on weddings?

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