wedding photographer

15 questions to ask your wedding photographer

It’s not easy to interview potential vendors (in this case wedding photographer) and know exactly what to ask, especially if you don’t have experience in event planning. Brides usually invest so much time and effort into planning their wedding and they want every special moment to be captured. But how do you know which photographer Read More

wedding light


Do you know anything about wedding light? Why should you if that’s not something you do for a living. But, when you’re planning a wedding, it’s important to know some basics. That’s why we have expert advice series where we`ll be getting you tips & tricks from various vendors in wedding industry. This time, we Read More

wedding checklist pro

Wedding checklist pro – the last 30 days

Our wedding checklist pro series has finally came to the grand finale – the last 30 days before the wedding. This is the time when everything comes together and you can almost see how your wedding is going to look like. This wedding period can be quite hectic and emotional, but you don’t have to Read More

wedding checklist

Wedding checklist pro: three to one month before

Take a look at your wedding checklist three months before your perfect day. There are no more though decisions to be made but it’s not the time to relax neither. Here’s what you have to deal with in the period between three and one month before the wedding: INVITATIONS Start sending invitations. Don’t forget that Read More

wedding reception

Wedding Reception Timeline

When it comes to your wedding reception timeline, you’re the boss and your imagination is the only limit. But still, most wedding receptions have the same basic structure since your guests have to eat, drink and have fun. The rest is up to you and your vision of that day. In order to help you Read More

wedding checklist

WEDDING CHECKLIST PRO: 6 – 3 months before

Wedding checklist pro posts continues. If you’re consistent when it comes to your wedding planning and checklist you’ve made at the very beginning, now is time to do the fun stuff. Your wedding day is approaching, but there’s still many things to do and decisions to make. We’ve already wrote about the period right after Read More

DIY weddings

DIY weddings: things to avoid

Nowadays, DIY weddings are a huge hit and every bride with Pinterest account got to have at least one board dedicated to wedding details they would like to do by themselves. And that’s great since you’ll be able to express your personal style and show your guests how much you care. We all love to Read More

perfect wedding venue


Since deciding about the perfect wedding venue is one of the first items the future spouses need to think about, we are continuing to guide you through the process of choosing the perfect one for your dream wedding to come true. If you have done even the basic research, you probably know few main options Read More