post-wedding brunch

(English) Post wedding brunch

Post wedding brunch is one of wedding week activities we often get a chance to plan for our foreign couples who get married in Croatia. Couples can generously welcome their out-of-town guests by welcoming them with a pre-wedding party the evening before the wedding and send them off with a relaxed post wedding brunch the Read More

wedding guest

I’m a wedding guest, what should I do?

Wedding guest often doesn’t know how to react in certain situations but he/she still wants to leave good impression on the happy couple. There are tons of questions that can pop-up such as: would it be inappropriate to skip the ceremony and attend only the reception? Is it considered rude to leave right after dinner? Read More

wedding gift


When it comes to weddings, bride and groom are not the only ones that have a lot on their mind – guests have questions too. What’s the perfect wedding gift, what to wear, when is appropriate to leave, is it ok to attend just the reception… to name a few. In this Ask Martina series we Read More

rain on your wedding day

Is rain on your wedding day a reason to despair?

It’s like rain on your wedding day…And isn’t it ironic… don’t you think…sang Alanis Morissette way back in 2006. Despite all the time and effort invested into planning, unfortunately one thing no bride or wedding planner has control over are weather conditions. Since we had the rainiest summer that we can remember in past ten Read More

rain on your wedding day


Compiling a guest list represents a challange, especially if your budget prevents you to invite all the people you want. Inviting co-workers on weddings is particulary tricky since the decision on who to invite could affect your relationship later (or you might feel guilty for not inviting all of them). Most brides are concern about Read More

rain on your wedding day

Walking down the aisle

And what about walking down the aisle? Who should I ask to walk with me? Should I just go alone? – brides often ask me. Although it is the father who traditionally walks the bride down the aisle, you can be accompanied basically by any significant person in your life. That can be your brother, Read More

rain on your wedding day


Inviting dates on weddings… what should I do? Oh, I hear this question from most of my brides and, let me say, there is no universal answer. Your wedding is a personal celebration and you want your close people to attend. Moreover, if your budget is already stretched, a plus one might be taking place of Read More