wedding dress designers


Croatia has quite a few wedding dress designers that you might consider when choosing your dream wedding dress. Although they are usually specialized in evening fashion, their work in creating unique and fascinating wedding dresses is remarkable. If you are planning to get married in Croatia, you may consider to choose a Croatian designer to Read More

wedding guest

I’m a wedding guest, what should I do?

Wedding guest often doesn’t know how to react in certain situations but he/she still wants to leave good impression on the happy couple. There are tons of questions that can pop-up such as: would it be inappropriate to skip the ceremony and attend only the reception? Is it considered rude to leave right after dinner? Read More

wedding gift


When it comes to weddings, bride and groom are not the only ones that have a lot on their mind – guests have questions too. What’s the perfect wedding gift, what to wear, when is appropriate to leave, is it ok to attend just the reception… to name a few. In this Ask Martina series we Read More

organizator vjenčanja

Postani organizator vjenčanja

Postani organizator vjenčanja Tajne organizacije savršenog vjenčanja otkrit će vam edukacija agencije WEDDINGS IN CROATIA. Agencija je započela s radom 2006. godine najprije kroz dizajn pozivnica i papirne galanterije, da bi se s vremenom profilirala kao organizator vjenčanja, posebno specijaliziran za vjenčanja inozemnih parova na području Republike Hrvatske. Tim se sastoji od pet stručnjaka iz Read More