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Casual wedding in Poreč: Renee and Nick’s love story

We were honored to organize a casual wedding in Poreč for our lovely couple Renee & Nicholas this June. They said „Yes“ to our request to share their love story and the details about their wedding day and here’s how Renee said it all began: Our families lived next door when we were children,but my Read More

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Compiling a guest list represents a challange, especially if your budget prevents you to invite all the people you want. Inviting co-workers on weddings is particulary tricky since the decision on who to invite could affect your relationship later (or you might feel guilty for not inviting all of them). Most brides are concern about Read More

wedding program

Wedding program

Wedding program is becoming an inevitable part of modern wedding stationery set. It gives the couples the opportunity to make a wedding their own, to express their creativity and emotions and share them with their guests. Wedding, as all major celebrations, has a certain protocol, prearranged terms, its beginning and its end. The magic is Read More

rain on your wedding day

Walking down the aisle

And what about walking down the aisle? Who should I ask to walk with me? Should I just go alone? – brides often ask me. Although it is the father who traditionally walks the bride down the aisle, you can be accompanied basically by any significant person in your life. That can be your brother, Read More