wedding checklist

Wedding checklist pro: three to one month before

Take a look at your wedding checklist three months before your perfect day. There are no more though decisions to be made but it’s not the time to relax neither. Here’s what you have to deal with in the period between three and one month before the wedding: INVITATIONS Start sending invitations. Don’t forget that Read More

rain on your wedding day


Inviting dates on weddings… what should I do? Oh, I hear this question from most of my brides and, let me say, there is no universal answer. Your wedding is a personal celebration and you want your close people to attend. Moreover, if your budget is already stretched, a plus one might be taking place of Read More

wedding reception

Wedding Reception Timeline

When it comes to your wedding reception timeline, you’re the boss and your imagination is the only limit. But still, most wedding receptions have the same basic structure since your guests have to eat, drink and have fun. The rest is up to you and your vision of that day. In order to help you Read More

wedding styling


Wedding styling is a synonym for a wedding dress according to many brides, First thing that comes to their mind after the engagement is usually the perfect wedding dress hunt. We agree that finding the right dress should be on top of your priority list, but don`t forget to pay the same attention to other Read More