15 questions to ask your wedding photographer

It’s not easy to interview potential vendors (in this case wedding photographer) and know exactly what to ask, especially if you don’t have experience in event planning.
wedding photographer
Photo credit: Egor Rudometkin

Brides usually invest so much time and effort into planning their wedding and they want every special moment to be captured. But how do you know which photographer is right for you? It’s time to do your homework!

Under no circumstances do not hire the first wedding photographer you come across, but take some time to review various photographers’ portfolios and feel free to ask questions that will give you the insights into their work.

Here’s 15 question that you should ask a potential wedding photographer and avoid a catastrophe in your wedding album:

1. What kind of photography do you usually do – can I see your portfolio, albums from weddings you did?

2. Are you experienced in photographing weddings?

3. What packages do you offer?

4. Have you ever shot at our wedding venue?

5. Are you planning to bring your own lighting?

6. Do you have a shot list?

7. Can we arrange for certain photos to be taken at my wedding?

8. How many hours is included in this package and do you charge additional?

9. How many shooters will work on my wedding?

10. How many images will I get?

11. Do you have a limit to the amount of images you will edit?

12. How much is the deposit, when is the balance due, what is your cancellation policy?

13. When can I expect to see the photos?

14. How many other events will you photograph on that weekend?

15. Are you planning to use my images for advertising?

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