He popped the question and now you`re (finally) engaged! After the initial thrill, you`ll soon start to freak out about what your next steps should be. As the holiday season is coming closer (and engagement ring has been proven as best gift to be discovered on Christmas morning), here`s a list of your priorities:

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1 – Inform your loved ones…and make sure to do that before posting your engagement ring selfie on Facebook.

2 – Choose preferred and alternative wedding dates (or at least a range).

3 – Draft your guest list. This will help you when researching about venues and setting the budget.

4 – Set your budget. Most brides tend to set up a Pinterest account first, but Excel should become your best (and realistic) friend before you start pining.

5 – Book engagement photo session. This will give you a chance to meet your photographer and get more relaxed in front of camera before the big day.

6 – Visit venues once you narrow down the choices. You`ll need both a ceremony and reception spot.

7 – Book vendors. Top priorities are usually photo & cinema team, musicians and florist. If the venue doesn`t provide food, catering should also be on top of your list.

8 – Go dress shopping, but don`t take too many friends with you. It`s better to choose just one (or two) persons you trust the most and let them be a part of this special moment.

9 – Choose your bridal party and make sure each and every member is a person you can count on.

10 – Send out save the dates. Make it public and official after you choose the date and venue.

Share with us what were your fist steps after you got engaged…

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