Wanna become a wedding planner?

What’s it like to have a carrier as a wedding planner? Brides know how it looks like to plan a wedding from their perspective, but being a professional in this industry is something completely different. Last month, our wedding planner expert Martina Rakić gave an interview for a Croatian lifestyle magazine Storybook where she answered a lot of questions on that subject. This article can be quite useful to all of you who are interested in this field of work.

Since the magazine is in Croatia, we decided to translate it and share it with all readers of our blog. Here is the first part of the interview (the other part will be published the next week):


MR: If you ask anyone who has, in any way, been involved in wedding planning process they will say it looks like a full time job. Whoever wants to become a professional wedding planner needs to be aware that it is not just a hobby, but a serious and responsible business. There are just a few brides that have experience in organizing a project of such importance as the wedding. There are countless details, logistics, vendors, schedules, timelines and payments to track…that I as the wedding planner need to take care of and guide the bride (and groom) through the planning process.

I usually start my office days by checking my e-mails which is followed by creating concepts and offers, communicate with vendors, revising quotes… Besides that, a great deal of time is spend of education about marketing and social media.


MR: If you ask ten different wedding planners how they started in the industry, you will hear ten different stories. In Croatia, it is a great trend to start your own business after organizing a wedding for themselves. There is a huge difference between planning your own wedding and charging the same service to other couples. Experience, knowledge, contacts, budget, coordination…these are all tasks one must master in order to successful in wedding planning business. When you run a private business there are numerous business, financial and marketing segments involved. Besides reaching out to couples, integral part is advertising, sales, industry networking, commercial terms… Same as other professions, wedding planning requires time and learning. It is a great circumstance that the process is extremely fun and exciting.


MR: In order to be in line with current trends, I continuously follow wedding blogs, Pinterest, specialized web portals, Croatian and foreign wedding magazines… Although brides all around the world are under the great influence of USA trends, but the goal is not to copy, but rather to combine trends with couple`s personality and style. I`m always trying to match the wedding concept with the couple and chosen venue, and therefore I find inspiration also outside the wedding business: in gastronomy, fashion, private trips…but bride and groom remain my primary inspiration.


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