Planning a wedding: don’t forget these details

When you’re planning a wedding, what runs through your mind in the beginning are the most important things. Things like what dress you got to wear, where will reception take place, which venue will you choose… But like in everyday life, details are the ones that will make your wedding unique and special.

In our previous experiences we have seen loads of different styles, themes and ideas since each couple has a vision of their wedding day. Today, everything is manageable and there is nothing you can’t do. Every bride wants that personal touch to be recognizable on that day and therefore details have to be carefully thought of and planned.

Let us introduce you to a few things that you shouldn’t forget while planning a wedding:


It’s very important to choose a color that will be permeated through all aspects of your wedding. Selected colors will express your personality. Are you a fan of red color that symbolizes dynamism, love and courage; will you defer to softer colors like white, a reflection of peace and purity, or pink that symbolizes tenderness and warmth. In any case, color you are choosing should follow every moment of your wedding.


At the wedding you are inviting your closest relatives and friends. They are the most important people you’ve decided to share the happiest moments. Make sure you let them know you care. It can be in the form of a guest book where they can write their wedding impressions, things they will remember the most or simply to state their good wishes. Or maybe you can leave empty cards with a pen on their seats so they can do the same. Give your guests the opportunity to write down fresh thoughts from your wedding on the paper.


You and many of your guests have already attended many weddings. Most of you are familiar with the protocol and already know what to expect. The surprise effect is always good since it directly effects on the overall atmosphere. Organize fireworks, arrange musical surprise or stir-up emotions of your guests by playing a video of your shared moments during the time you were dating. Your original wedding party will surely be remembered for years.


Usually you can find children and youngsters on the guest list, which, let’s face it, are not that interested in adult entertainment. Design a special corner for them. Ensure they have lots of fun games, special food and non-alcoholic cocktails in a variety of colors. In that way, parents will be more relaxed and satisfied, and children, on the other hand, happy and calm.


During wedding planning preparations, your maid of honor and best man as well as your parents will experience great deal of emotions just like you. Small gift as a sign of appreciation will delight them and put a smile on their faces. The very fact that you considered them during the planning of your most important day will raise special emotion and gratitude. There is nothing more beautiful than happiness and joy of our loved ones. Do you agree?

Planning a wedding contains a huge scheme of details, because little things make big things happen.


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