Eloping in Croatia planning guide

Everything you need to know about elopement weddings in Croatia

You don`t think a big wedding is right for you? You can feel that way for many different reasons, maybe you don`t like being in the center of attention or you already had to postpone your originally planned wedding. Whatever the reason might be, we got you covered and Croatia offers many beautiful spots for elopement weddings.

What is an elopement?

Typically, eloping means you are getting married without anyone knowing, not even your parents. It usually includes just the ceremony, not a reception, as there is only the bride and groom, but you can still enjoy a romantic sunset dinner after you`ve exchanged your vows.

Planning an elopement is for sure less stressful and not as elaborated as planning a typical wedding, but there are still some important things you need to be aware of.

How to elope in Croatia?

Find your wedding planner in Croatia

An experienced wedding planner will have all information about the legal stuff - do you need a license, how long do you need to be in the country beforehand, do you need to make any appointments at the city hall, how long does the ceremony take, will the marriage be recognized where you live, do you need witnesses, etc. He/she will also make sure you get a great photographer to capture your intimate ceremony.

Book your travel

Croatia is the perfect place for your elopement. Whether you`d be visiting for the first time or you already share great memories from your Croatian holidays, you will for sure continue to come back here and discover our amazing nature and gastronomy. Book your travel and accommodation far in advance, as it will help you save some money and relieve stress.

Plan the ceremony details

Think about your elopement as a “real wedding” when it comes to the ceremony. Will you exchange vows? What about rings? Will you have a wedding dress? Do you wish to have a bridal bouquet? Would you like some music while you walk down the aisle?

Treat yourself

Eloping doesn`t mean that your wedding day is any less special than a traditional one. There are plenty of reasons to be excited and to celebrate! Treat yourself to a fancy dinner for two.

What happens post-elopement?

You might decide to say “I do” and call it a day, but you`ll probably want to consider some sort of celebration afterward. Getting married is a big deal, even if you decided to elope! You can spread the word by sending out announcements (maybe include a photo taken on THE day). You can throw a party immediately after you get back or postpone it until you have your one-year anniversary.

So, even if elopements are not as elaborated as traditional weddings, there is still some planning involved. There are some important things that you don`t want to worry about. If you want a completely stress-free planning process, we offer special elopement packages. Email us for more details [email protected]

You really want to do a destination wedding in Croatia and might need help with that?
To find out more about how to plan a perfect wedding in this perfect part of the world send us an inquiry.



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