Downsides of getting married abroad

Although weddings abroad are (justifiably) becoming more popular each day, there are compromises to be made along the way. Before you decide to treat yourselves and your guests with an experience they’ll never forget, make sure you get familiar with all the downsides of getting married abroad.


When it comes to compiling a guest list for your wedding abroad, you might feel discouraged because there will be guests who will not be able to attend and the ones who will be left out off your list. You may consider having a reception for them when you return home.


The no. 1 reason why couples refrain from planning a destination wedding is lots of paper work and other legal requirements involved in the process. If you’re not thrilled with collecting various documents and different procedure steps, you can always have a real ceremony at home and organize a symbolic one at wedding destination.


What kind of person are you? If you’re a control freak, remember that it’s practically impossible to have the same level of control over wedding planning process at home and at some far away wedding destination. You’ll have to let some things go. Hiring a trustworthy wedding planner who knows local market and can handle all yor requests is the only way.


Wedding abroad means thinking ahead and the most important thing to all brides is to have their wedding dress safe and unharmed. You’ll need to pack it professionally into your hand luggage so it won’t get ruined. Make sure you choose natural fabrics and avoid lavish designs. The same goes for the groom’s outfit.


You’ll probably have weather conditions in mind when choosing your wedding destination, but don’t be disappointed with less than perfect sunny day. Rain and wind do occur everywhere on the Planet and no destination is the exception. Do your homework and study weather conditions in potential wedding destination. Celebrating your wedding in a unique and fabulous location away from home is exciting idea, but you have to consider its disadvantages in order to avoid regret and disappointment. Carefully weight up all the pros and cons and make a final decision both of you will be comfortable with.


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