Destination wedding ideas – part 1

If you and your groom have decided to organize a destination wedding, you have the perfect opportunity to avoid conventional wedding. There are lots of unique details at your disposal to make your guests excited about all that follows.

Some of them are:


It is crucial to send out save the dates as soon as possible, in order to introduce the guests with your plans well in advance. There’s a lot of planning involved – holidays, flight booking, accommodation option research…

Another great thing about destination wedding is that you can use travel inspiration like passport, boarding pass, luggage tags, world map, compass…. Also, don`t forget to publish a wedding web site, as it will save you tons of time instead of corresponding about accommodation options, sightseeing, weather, important numbers etc.


It is great to use decorative elements that represent local culture and heritage. For example, in Istria you can have an olive oil bar with the addition of homemade bread with Mediterranean spices. You can add a dash of folklore elements to your reception – like a short dance show that will also include your guests. Have your wedding rings placed on a seashell…use details as much as possible to add some local flair. Your guests will enjoy it for sure!


These are perfect to introduce your guests with the location you`ve chosen for your dream destination wedding. In order to thank your guests for taking the time and join you on your special day, make sure to place welcome bags with local products in their rooms. Pack a local map, sunscreen, local sweets and/or liquor… Everyone loves edible favors. Believe us, no one will resist the local treats!


A destination wedding is the perfect opportunity to go use the honeymoon registry as it’s convenient for everyone. Anyway, no one will be traveling with traditional gifts that take so much space.

What first comes to mind when you think about destination wedding ideas? Share the ones you`ll be using for your destination wedding!


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